At the Studio

Behold, Your Mother Spring 2024 Pledge Drive – March 14, 2024

(top left photo) Christina Garcia-Carreras (left) and Elizabeth Arendale shared about the devotion to Our Lady of Fatima.

(top right photo) Fr. Tim Hepburn (left) and Heather Triggs invited their friend and coworker in God’s vineyard, Fr. Luke Ballman, to share about his journey toward the priesthood.

(bottom left photo) Charissa Saenz and Quest Production Manager Dave Savage chat with Fr. Neil Dhabliwala as he shares how Mary is in the priesthood.

(bottom right photo) Fr. Gaurav Shroff is joined by his youth minister Steven Couch and Steven’s fiancé, St. Brigid youth minister Marissa Borah, to share about the devotion of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Behold, Your Mother Spring 2024 Pledge Drive – March 13, 2024

Fr. Ben Thomsen (left) and Fr. Joe Wagner joined us in the studio to speak on Mary as the new Ark of the Covenant.

(bottom left photo) Allison Dalloul (right) and Steve Balmes along with Steve’s son, Eli, welcome Maria Smith to share about her personal devotion to Mary, Our Mother.

(right photo) Dr. Gerry Crete and Ruth O’Neil come together to speak about Mary as spiritual confidant.

Behold, Your Mother Spring 2024 Pledge Drive – March 13, 2024

(left photo) Stephanie Miller (left) and Cathy Schneider opened the second day of the Spring Pledge Drive with an hour devoted to victory stories of babies saved through the constant work of prayer outside abortion clinics.

(right photo) Soulith Saysanavong (left) and George Vissicchio spoke on the power of the rosary.

(bottom left photo) Michael Gagnon from Our Lady of the Mountains hosted his pastor Fr. Tri Nguyen who shared his vocation story.

(bottom right photo) Mari Cleveland (left) and Craig Wesemeyer from The Family Room welcome Marci Nunnery to The Quest studio to share about her devotion of praying the rosary.

Behold, Your Mother Spring 2024 Pledge Drive – March 12, 2024

(Left photo) Jane Robbins (left) and Patty Decraene from Legislation Made Simple speak with Fr. Tim Gallagher to shed light on how to prayerfully vote as a Catholic.

(Top right photo) Tony UcedaVelez welcomes Sr. Teresa Marie and Sr. Alma Marie from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cancer Home.

(Bottom photo) Josh Harris (left) chats with Bruce and Marybel Carlisle who shared about Mary, Our Blessed Mother’s role in marriage.

Behold, Your Mother Spring 2024 Pledge Drive – March 12, 2024

(Top left) Quest production manager, Dave Savage (center), with our friends from Pinecrest, Jake Rodgers (left) and Dario Mobini. Jake shared about his conversion to the Catholic faith and the role that Our Lady plays in our lives.

(middle left) Monica Bosco from the Cathedral of Christ the King and Richard Filitor from Transfiguration shared about the Marian Servants.

(top right) Betsy Orr and Fr. Mark White share about their conversion to the Catholic Church and how learning about Our Blessed Mother impacted their faith.

(bottom) Fr. Michael Silloway and his staff members Jessica Keane, Director of Religious Education; Sean Lee, Seminarian; and Jesse Butrum, Youth Minister, speak about Hyperdulia, honoring Mary through prayer.

Visit from Fr. Anthony Eshun
October 16, 2023

The Quest enjoyed a wonderful visit from Fr. Anthony Eshun, Director of the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in Ghana. Fr. Eshun celebrated Mass in The Quest Chapel and those in attendance experienced first-hand his joy and enthusiasm for the Gospel. In his ministry in Ghana, Fr. Eshun offers retreats, counseling, healing services, and prayer. His ministry team prays and fasts every Tuesday at the Grotto. He was ordained on August 8, 1998, and is celebrating 25 years as a priest. He will be at All Saints Catholic Church in Dunwoody through November 15, 2023, celebrating Mass and visiting the area.

The Quest For Holiness Fall 2023 Pledge Drive – September 19, 2023

Fr. Robbi Cotta (left, standing) and Fr. Fred Wendel (left, seated) from Immaculate Heart of Mary joined The Quest on the air sharing their vocation stories and about serving a parish together.

Past and present vocations directors Fr. Brian Higgins (right, standing) and Fr. Rey Pineda (right, seated) also spent time on the air on day one of the pledge drive sharing about efforts in our Archdiocesan vocations office.

Honest to God Episode Filming
June 2023

Unpacking relevant issues on the hearts and minds of young adults, with a Catholic twist, the Honest to God podcast engages listeners with open, lively discussions on everyday topics with honesty and JOY! It’s not always easy navigating the challenges facing people in their 20s and 30s; Honest to God covers these topics in a fun and fast-paced format with a Catholic perspective, inspiring young adults to laugh out loud while taking another step on their faith journey. Honest to God is filmed at The Quest studio in Roswell, Georgia, twice a month; recording sessions are a blast as the panelists and crew build community. Get more information and come join us!

Happy 5th Anniversary to The Quest
April 21, 2023

The Quest held an open house and cook-out to commemorate five years of bringing Catholic radio to metro Atlanta and beyond. Members of the Knights of Columbus grilled hotdogs and hamburgers, and guests enjoyed visiting with each other and touring the studio.

Thy Will Be Done Spring 2023 Pledge Drive – March 15, 2023

Kathy McCormick, Marketing Manager for AM 1160 The Quest, welcomed Fr. Tim Gadziala and Fr. Valery Akoh (left photo) to talk about sacramentals on day two of the 2023 Spring Pledge Drive.

Also on day two of The Quest’s Thy Will Be Done pledge drive, Cathedral of Christ the King parishioners Carrie Doyle and Joanne Wakim interviewed the newly ordained Fr. Joe Wagner (right photo).

Thy Will Be Done Spring 2023 Pledge Drive – March 14, 2023

The Quest welcomed Annie Porter and Patrick Foarde to kick off AM 1160 The Quest’s Spring Pledge Drive. As The Quest prepares for its 5th Anniversary on the air this April, Annie and Patrick shared about the early days of The Quest and how a team of volunteers followed God’s will to bring Catholic radio to metro Atlanta.

The Best of The Quest: Stories of Inspiration
Fall 2022 Pledge Drive

During our fall pledge drive held Sept. 20-22, 2022, clergy and parishioners from around the Archdiocese of Atlanta shared how the inspirational programs on AM 1160 The Quest have had an impact on their personal faith journeys. Father Rey Pineda Avellaneda, Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Atlanta, and Amanda Hailey from Cathedral of Christ The King, kicked off day three of the pledge drive with a look at the journey of the priesthood – from the first call to the priesthood to becoming a Pastor and beyond and the need for constant prayer from the community. Click to hear broadcasts.

Director’s Studio Tour and Luncheon
May 4, 2022

The Quest hosted a Director’s Studio Tour and Luncheon. The studio was filled with excitement and joy as we enjoyed Mass, celebrated in the Our Lady of Fatima Chapel, followed by a studio tour. Lay formation staff from Holy Family, St. Andrew, St. Joseph (Marietta), and St. Lawrence were all in attendance and participated in a great discussion on how The Quest can support and partner with parishes to continue the work of evangelization.

The Power of Prayer Spring 2022 Pledge Drive – March 17, 2022

Parishioners and clergy from around the Archdiocese of Atlanta became the hosts and guests during our spring pledge drive, sharing about their faith journeys touched in a special way through prayer, while raising much needed funds. Fr. Henry Atem, pastor of St. Lawrence, returned as a pledge drive host for the final hour on day three of the drive. Fr. Atem is sporting the green with Dave Savage, production manager for The Quest. Click to hear broadcasts.

The Power of Prayer Spring 2022 Pledge Drive – March 16, 2022

Knights of Columbus members Steve Strong from All Saints, Jim Ewing from Holy Spirit, Eric Edstrom from St. Brigid, emcee John Horton from Cathedral of Christ the King, and Mike Moors from Cathedral of Christ the King participated in a friendly fish fry competition during the spring pledge drive to bolster donations to The Quest. Eric Edstrom defended his St. Brigid council’s title of “Fish Fry Champion.” Click to hear broadcasts.

The Power of Prayer Spring 2022 Pledge Drive – March 15, 2022

Local parishioners and clergy shared prayer-inspired stories while helping the station raise funds. Students from Archdiocese of Atlanta Catholic schools opened each hour of the pledge drive with prayer. Thank you to Hannah and Kolbe from Queen of Angels Catholic School who opened our March 15, 5 p.m. hour and to all the students who shared their gifts of prayer. Special thanks also go to the phone volunteers and prayer warriors who prayed for the success of the drive and for listeners’ intentions. Click to hear broadcasts.

Directors’ Studio Tour Luncheon
October 6, 2021

The Quest hosted its monthly Directors’ Studio Tour luncheon for representatives from Saint Benedict, Saint Brigid, and Saint Jude. Mass was held in the Our Lady of Fatima chapel with Father Paul Macey celebrating, followed by a tour of the studio and discussion highlighted by plans for the upcoming Pledge Drive.  The luncheons are designed to update parish staff and volunteers on Quest plans and exchange ideas.

Seek His Kingdom Spring 2021 Pledge Drive – March 16, 2021

Priests and ministry leaders from the Archdiocese of Atlanta take the mic during our pledge drives when The Quest breaks from regular programming as local guests discuss their personal faith journeys, missions, and unique experiences while raising much needed funds. Click to hear broadcasts.

Live in the Spirit Fall 2020 Pledge Drive – October 7, 2020

Being 100% listener supported, it’s critical that The Quest conducts pledge drives to raise funds to cover our operating expenses. The pledge drives feature local hosts and guests from the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Click to hear broadcasts.