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AM 1160 the Quest is here Atlanta!


We have been hard at work making the Quest a reality. We’ve received the approval of Archbishop Gregory, assembled an incredible team, leased a station, and secured top notch programming.

There is more work to be done.  We need to spread the word and raise funds to buy the station. You can help.  Listen to our live stream, join the Quest as a member, and please…donate.


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DashboardACR is a non-profit, 501c3 corporation that aims to expand access to Catholic radio programming, sharing God’s message of love and mercy throughout Metro Atlanta. We’re supported by a dedicated team of talented professional volunteers who manage the business, technical and spiritual facets of the operation.  We have tremendous support from the Archdiocese of Atlanta and local Catholic organizations, as well as guidance, operational and financial support from Catholic radio organizations throughout the U.S.  Our radio station AM 1160 the Quest is a listener-supported radio station.


Coverage Map for AM 1160

AM 1160 the Quest is a new non-commercial AM/Online radio station that expands access to Catholic radio programming throughout Metro Atlanta. We operate a large, 50,000-Watt AM station capable of reaching 3.1 million Metro Atlanta commuters in peak drive time hours, as well as an Internet radio station that has 24/7/365 reach.  Our programming is rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church, and engages listeners through diverse program formats that include prayer, reflection and interactive talk shows and podcasts.


The Quest "Q"Our Mission is simple and powerful – to invite, inform and inspire listeners to embrace their journey of faith through the beauty of the Gospel and the teaching of the Catholic Church.

When designing the logo we tried to convey this journey of faith, that movement of taking the next step in your faith journey from wherever you are. Our “Q” parallels our mission to invite, inform, and inspire through Catholic radio. We opened the circle of the Q to show that we are a community, open and welcoming and that we also need to go forth and share our faith. Starting with the tail of the Q representing a path inviting people into the community, we find the cross at our center. Here we encounter Jesus and share His Good News with our listeners.

Finally, we invite those informed listeners to go forth, inspired to share the love and joy of Jesus with all they meet. The waves on the side represent not only radio waves but the “pebble drop” effect of spreading the good news and energizing a movement to ignite Atlanta and especially to energize the Atlanta Catholic community. The waves also represent the movement characteristic of Atlanta, a city that is always on the move. The black cross represents an Ash Wednesday cross to allow all Catholics, whether in our pews or away, to identify with their Catholic roots and embrace their faith journey. We chose a font that was italicized to show the movement of the journey and the call to embrace the New Evangelization and go forth and create more disciples.

We are excited you are here and we’d love to start a conversation.

Our Mission is simple and powerful – to invite, inform and inspire listeners to embrace their journey of faith through the beauty of the Catholic Church. We’re blessed to have you visit our site.  We pray that listening to the Quest will deepen your understanding and love for Jesus Christ through His Church.  -  PO Box 88892, Atlanta, GA 30356