Pro-Life Minutes

One-minute reflections on the sanctity of life. Let’s show the world that every life matters by speaking up for life at every opportunity.

Made in the image and likeness of God. Listen.

Abortion is not health care. Listen.

Encouraging someone who is facing an unplanned pregnancy. Listen.

Being defined by who we are: precious children of God. Listen.

The birth of every child changes the world. Listen.

The science of life. Listen.

The terrible toll of abortion. Listen.

Life is a precious gift from God. Listen.

And Then There Were None: a non-profit organization helping abortion clinic workers leave the abortion industry. Listen.

Chemical abortions and abortion pill reversal. Listen.

The severe emotional consequences of abortions. Listen.

A manager of the largest abortion facility in the U.S. has a profound conversion. Listen.

61.5 million innocent lives lost since abortion legalized in the U.S. Listen.

Rape victims choose life. Listen.

Babies conceived by rape are innocent children. Listen.

Defending the defenseless innocent baby. Listen.

Depression and intense grief following an abortion. Listen.

Federal laws protect bald eagle and sea turtle eggs. Give human life a chance. Listen.

Studies show the majority of post-abortive women regret their decision. Finding healing after abortion. Listen.

Suffering post traumatic stress disorder after an abortion. Listen.

The serious physical risks of abortions. Listen.

Adoption: a loving option. Millions of couples in the U.S. are waiting to adopt. Listen.

Most abortions are done for the convenience of the parent(s). Listen.

Hope and help through abortion pill reversal. Listen.

Walking with moms who choose life. Listen.

No means of self defense. The greatest injustice in our world today. Listen.

A child’s rights. Listen.

How to help someone with an unplanned pregnancy. Listen.