The Truth From Youth

Youth from metro-Atlanta parishes share one-minute lessons to help young Catholics understand Church teachings.

Sophia explains the meaning of Baptism. Listen.

Serena discusses the importance of how we dress at Mass. Listen.

Simon helps us understand why do bad things happen to good people. Listen.

Kate explains how Jesus is Fully Human and Fully Divine. Listen.

Paola answers the question: where do you find the Assumption and Coronation of Mary in the Bible? Listen.

Sophia talks about how your natural body is a gift from God. Listen.

Joseph shares about the importance of the Mass. Listen.

Simon explains about Novenas. Listen.

Serena talks about the special role of priests. Listen.

Rebecca discusses the purpose of purgatory. Listen.

Samson tells us about the rosary. Listen.

Paola discusses why the Church teaches that Jesus did not have siblings. Listen.

Joseph shares that Jesus gave priests the authority to forgive sins. Listen.

Paola explains why and how we honor (but do not worship) Mary. Listen.