Victory is in the Praise Study & Podcast

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“Victory Is In The Praise” 

A study and podcast series from Proclaim My Word, in partnership with AM 1160 The Quest

Experience God’s Presence and Peace through the Power of Praise!
The Word of God is filled with prayers of praise, most especially in the Book of Psalms. When we praise God, we are reminded of His greatness and why we should be grateful for all He has done for us and continues to do for us. By praising Him we become more aware of His attributes and His presence in our lives which leads us to a deeper relationship with Him. If you want more of God’s presence in your life, if you want peace instead of anxiety, trust instead of worry, hope instead of fear, join us for this practical five-week study on why and how to praise our God and how the power of praise brings us victory.

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Episode 1: Why Praise God?
We praise God because He is worthy of our praises. We praise Him for our sake and not for His sake. Praising Him takes the focus off of us and places our focus totally on Him. It helps make us more aware of His power and presence in our lives.

Episode 2: What Keeps Me From Praising Him?
We may not realize how important it is to praise God and the tremendous blessings that can come from praising Him. Praising God means surrendering to His will, it means making a sacrifice, and it means making time to put God first in your life.

Episode 3: Praising God In All Circumstances!
By praising God through our circumstance it will either change the circumstance or it will change you. Praising God can bring us peace and comfort as we trust and believe that He is right there with us fighting for us.

Episode 4: Psalms of Praise!
When we praise God with the Psalms we proclaim His worth and acknowledge all He has done and continues to do to save us. The Psalms are filled with instructions for us, God’s people, to praise and bless Him.

Episode 5: Creating a Spirit of Praise!
Inviting the Holy Spirit into our time of praise releases His power and presence in us. As we listen to songs of worship, lifting our voices and hands to praise our Lord, it not only blesses Him but it also blesses us.

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