Invite a Friend to Mass

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Congratulations on reaching out to invite someone to Mass! You are taking an important step in the life of your friend or loved one. According to Lifeway Research, 51% of unchurched Americans say the most effective way to get them to visit church would be through a personal invitation from someone they know.

Sometimes taking the first step in asking someone to Mass may not come easy. Check out this article titled “The Six “Be-Attitudes” for Inviting Someone to Come to Mass” for some practical and encouraging ways to extend to someone the invitation to “Meet Me at Mass.”

For additional resources to help you invite others home to the Catholic Church, check out the Catholics Come Home website.


What better way to prepare for inviting someone to Mass than to pray for others and for guidance and inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

A Prayer to Go and Make Disciples

God our Father, through the Holy Spirit, may I be a means of bringing renewal to our Church and new life to all who search for You. There is a hunger in our communities and our nation for You and the Gospel of Your Son, Jesus. I pray that all Catholics will be set ablaze with a desire to live their faith fully and share it freely with others. May eagerness to share the faith bring a transformation to our communities and our nation and, with missionary dedication, even to the whole world. I ask You, Heavenly Father, to open my heart and the heart of every Catholic to see the need for the Gospel in each life. Help those who are hurting, angry, indifferent, or seeking be open to Your love that You desire to shower on them through the miracle of the Mass and the Eucharist.

Holy Mary, the one through whom Jesus entered our world, guide me in presenting Jesus to those I meet. May your prayers help me to share in your courage and faithfulness. May you lead me to imitate your discipleship, your turning to Jesus, and your love for God and for all people. May your compassion, Blessed Mother, be always reflected in my heart and actions.

I also pray that, like the disciples walking that Easter morning to Emmaus, all Catholics may feel their hearts burning through the presence of Jesus. As those two disciples felt the presence of Jesus in their journey, I ask that the ministry of evangelizing helps believers feel anew the presence of Jesus and that it helps others discover His gracious presence. I pray that the fire of Jesus enkindled in us by God’s Spirit may lead more and more people to become disciples, formed in the image of Christ our Savior.


Resources for Your Friend/Loved One on Returning to Mass

If you’d like to send some resources to a friend or family member, encourage them to visit our “Welcome Back” page for beautiful reminders of the faith, joy, hope, and thanksgiving we experience when we attend Mass. We hope these messages remind you of special Mass moments that you hold in your heart that you may want to share with those you are inviting back to Mass. Also on our “Welcome Back” page are links to resources from Catholics Come Home to help those who have been away from Mass feel more comfortable returning home. You may want to review the information with your friend/family member to help guide them through any questions or possible hesitations.