Shelter in Peace
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Shelter in Peace began during Holy Week in April 2020 ­- in the midst of Covid-19 shut-downs and shelter-in-place mandates – as a way to offer Quest listeners encouragement and prayers during an unsettling and difficult time in our community, nation, and world. It grew from an idea for “one or two episodes to pray for our listeners” to become a weekly show that ran until January 2021, offering support, hope, and opportunities to grow in faith on a variety of topics.

Mari Cleveland, parishioner at Saint Jude the Apostle in Sandy Springs, Georgia, hosted the program. Several lay members from the Archdiocese of Atlanta served as co-hosts including Janice Givens, Josh Harris, Ann Sottile, and Thomas Clements.

About Host Mari Cleveland:
Mari enjoys leading retreats and giving inspirational talks across the Atlanta archdiocese She has served as a Stephen Minister, Bible study leader, and spiritual director for a Christ Renews His Parish team. She was recognized as Saint Jude the Apostle’s 2017 Woman of the Year. Soon, you can hear Mari on The Family Room, a new local show that will air on AM 1160 The Quest on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. Mari has 30+ years business experience in human resources, sales, and training. When not on the air on The Quest or doing many of her other ministry activities, she also provides leadership training for Fortune 500 companies.